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At PurSustenance our products are developed to help your mind & body break through barriers to performance, recovery & well-being. They are science based, plant powered, conscience guided & result driven. Our goal is to grow, win, laugh & be healthier together within a sustainable world. In part, that journey begins HERE.

So drill down on this site, enjoy & reap the benefits.


Our Congratulations to Smart Athletes fueled by SAF in 2022:

USA Cycling Mnt.Bike National Championships Winter Park CO:

Peter Davis: PODIUM.

GoPro Mnt Games Vail:

Peter Davis: Doubled Down on GOLD!

World Masters International Nordic Championships, Alberta:

John Gravlin: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE... bow to the new king!

North American Vasa: Gussie: GOLD.

Hanson Hills: Vince: Bringing Home the GOLD!

SAF is privileged to help empower their efforts in achieving world class success.......You Folks Rock !



Sadly, your Sports Energy Product is likely failing to address these:

MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE, a glass ceiling. Your body’s peak performance limitations based on your genetics, training and fitness level.

RECOVERY, ability to quickly and completely recover.

HEALTH and well-being, maintaining a solid foundation. 

AGING, physiologic changes of aging, performance vampires.

These are the obstacles SmartAthleteFuel addresses naturally through plant and exercise science

A small taste of the 65 cited research articles behind SAF's ingredients:

* 13% decrease in marathon times, J Int Soc Sports Nut.2016;13:22.(@1).

* 47% reduction in lab markers of muscle breakdown post marathon.(@1).

* Faster muscle strength recovery post event, Nutrients.2016;8:441.(@2).

* 50% reduction in upper respiratory cold symptoms post marathon, J Int Soc Sports Nut.2015;12:22.(@3).

* Improved duration & quality of sleep, Eur J Nutr.2011;8:909.(@4).

An Oasis In The Ultra-Processed, Ultra-Hyped Energy Food Space

SmartAthleteFuel & BeetSmartAthleteFuel are radically different from typical empty calorie energy products that do one thing: rocket then crash your body & mind with refined sugars, additives & marketing hype. SmartAthleteFuel (SAF) & BeetSmartAthleteFuel (BSAF) address your entire physiologic demands: focus, energy, performance, recovery & foundational well-being simultaneously, not just energy. That's evolutionary. How? SmartAthleteFuel & BeetSmartAthleteFuel use Natural, functional food concentrates, meticulously sourced & minimally processed to preserve micro & phytonutrient bio-functionality. Volumes of research attest these plant nutrients could help support your performance, recovery and well-being physiology concurrently. SAF & BSAF not only fuel your body & mind's performance engine, but their ingredients could simultaneously help you maintain & improve your performance engine, that's huge! All done in a Cherry-Maple Love Affair, taste experience their users rave about. Both Athletes & Non-Athletes alike welcome their versatility. Mix in 12-20oz H2O as an energy drink, hot as a tea or use as an energy gel shot. They're a great mixer with sparkling water, spirits & even a topping on granola, yogurt and ice cream, yum! Truly a holistic, natural food lift supporting your mind & body's physiology in sport, work & pleasure ... All in good taste!

"You've invested heavely in your health and fitness. Within this site we share with you the science, physiology, and our collective knowledge from our five year journey creating SmartAthlete(People)Fuel. As a physician, athlete, cherry grower and science guy, I can assure you that your health & fitness efforts will be rewarded with a deep dive on this site"....... Knowledge is power.

Your 1st plunge.... >The abridged page

D. Steffey  M.D.

What customers are saying about SAF

My gold medal performance at the 2022 World Masters in the 30km Classic race stands out for me...after crossing the finish line, I felt as if I could have races another 15km lap ! I seemed to have boundless energy! I am convinced SmartAthleteFuel was a major factor in my success! Thank You Dave


Never used a product that brings my mind and body into the game like Smart Athlete Fuel. I play smarter and stronger with this onboard. My recovery time is shorter. Love the taste and the ability to use it as a gel or drink.


This is the most refreshing, clean and tasty energy and recovery product I've experienced. My new adventure energy buddy!


70 Mile Group Strava Safari 4 KOMs. I've never done that before and felt super strong ...untouchable. This stuff really works, and tastes bomb!!!


I just feel better with SmartAthleteFuel onboard during my event. And that makes bringing home the GOLD so much easier!


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CALIFORNIA: Bovine Bakery, Point Reys. ARIZONA: Fair Wheel Bike, Tucson. COLORADO: Seagull's Cycles, Eagle.