Smart Athlete (People) Fuel

     The Collective Power of Natural Super-Foods & Science to Empower Mind & Body for Sport, Work, Pleasure & Foundational Well-Being

Using Plant & Human Science SAF selects & crafts the juice of 40 Tart Cherries, 130 ml of Organic Maple Tree Sap, 17 Organic Matcha Tea Leaves, Organic Agave Piña, Organic Beets and mined Sea Salt, into a clean, functional, cherry-maple taste nirvana. NO additives, preservatives, deceptive ingredient labeling, GMO’s, gluten nor major allergens. None of these bad boy ingredients, nada, zip, zero!  6 natural ingredients that's it!  And, it’s vegan friendly!  ALL SAF/BSAF’s ingredients were part of a living plant (except sea salt), grown, recently harvested, concentrated (not chemically extracted or synthesized) & packaged in a fashion preserving & maximizing their phytonutrient bio-effectiveness for you. How SAF's treats their ingredients is as crucial as their ingredients themselves. That's a level sophistication & quality lost in today’s food & marketing industry. Pure, clean & seemingly simple, yet functionally so complex & empowering for Athletes & Non-Athletes alike. Packaged as a go-anywhere, shelf-stable, single-serve, 30 ml, 100-calorie gel shot or drink concentrate that eliminates the environmental impact of disposable plastic bottles. 

SmartAthleteFuel (SAF) & BeetSmartAthleteFuel (BSAF) address barriers to your personal best performance & well-being through plant & human science:

  • MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE, a glass ceiling. Your body’s peak performance limitations based on your genetics, skill set & training.
  • RECOVERY, ability to quickly & completely recover.
  • HEALTH & well-being, maintaining a solid foundation. 
  • AGING, Physiologic changes of aging, performance vampires.              
Here's just a small taste of the research behind SAF/BSAF's ingredients:
  1. 13% decrease in marathon times, J Int Soc Sports Nut.2016;13:22. (@1).
  2. 47% reduction in lab markers of muscle breakdown post marathon. (@1).
  3. Faster muscle strength recovery post event, Nutrients.2016;8:441. (@2).
  4. 50% reduction in upper respiratory cold symptoms post marathon, J Int Soc Sports Nut.2015;12:22. (@3).
  5. Improved duration & quality of sleep, Eur J Nutr.2011;8:909. (@4).
  6. See References Page for 60 additional cited research studies.


Typical energy products have a single function, providing calories for energy. Beyond that, you’re on your own. Their basis is cheap, refined sugars & minerals, laced with the latest trending wonder substance, all brutally processed, stripping them of all-important micro & phytonutrients.  

SAF chose to concentrate Real Foods with Real Macro-Micro & Phytonutrients rather than using man made or chemically extracted food "components". They use super-food building blocks, meticulously grown, sourced & minimally processed to preserve, rather than destroy plant micro & phytonutrients for a compelling reason. Volumes of scientific research attest plant micro & phytonutrients, the nutrients that nature has spent millions of years perfecting to protect & promote the vitality of plants, could also support your performance, recovery and well-being needs naturally. A holistic attitude to performance, recovery & well-being yielding results.


PERFORMANCE: By facilitating Focus,  Blood flow, Efficient heart beats, Breathing, & Combating the deleterious effects of free radicals & inflammation on performance. (HOW)

RECOVERThrough antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-arthritic properties. Improve blood flow to muscles. Help improve the quality of sleep. Provide building blocks for muscle repair & development. Replenish energy stores & electrolyte balance. Support immune system. (HOW)

WELL-BEINGBy decreasing the level of inflammation & oxidative stress (free radicals) in the body. Both are common pathways to disease & AGING. Phytonutrients may have cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anti-arthritic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral & immune boosting properties. They may help regulate and improve sleep & bone health. (HOW)


  • Plant substances that mother nature has spent millions of years perfecting to promote &  protect the vitality of plants. Volumes of research attest that these same phytonutrients could support human performance, recovery & well-being simultaneously.
    Learn More >There are 1000’s of phytonutrients with differing effects on humans. You might be familiar with some: FLAVONOIDS, POLYPHENOLS, RESVERATROL, QUERCETIN, CATECHINS CAROTENOIDS, ANTHOCYANINS, EGCG and CURCUMINS. SAF has researched which phytonutrients best support athletic physiology, which plants contain them, and innovatived ways to best preserve their human bio-effectiveness outside their host plant (the difficult and expensive) and tested them.


  • Great care is needed during the growing, harvesting, & packaging to be assured that nutrients are preserved & remain bio-effective. That’s SmartAthleteFuel’s mission. Phytonutrients are fundamental in addressing your body’s performance, recovery & well-being needs.  Unfortunately,  phytonutrients are not required reading in the Nutrition Facts food labels, nor found in significant quantity within simplistic energy products. These products use highly processed, elemental ingredients that by design & huge cost savings, are either synthesized or have been stripped of their phytonutrient values during ultra-processing. This renders empty calories. Not at SAF.
  Learn More >
  • SAF’S nutrient rich ingredients and nutrient preserving processes are expensive, costing upwards of 7 times more than refined, cheap, commodity sugars and minerals. SAF is hands-on during growing, harvesting, processing and packaging to preserve phytonutrient bio-effectiveness in humans. SAF never price sources ingredients on the commodities markets as the phytonutrient content, the value and soul of SAF, would be conjecture at best. This prevents SAF’s ingredients from becoming empty calories, which undoubtedly will be the basis for future plagiarized versions of such a transformational product as SAF.



PRE-LOAD: One packet @ 3pm the day before. Day of event: Use One packet 1 hour before, then 1/2 packet 10 minutes before. All as gels chased with water.

RE-LOAD: During the event @ 60-minute intervals, 1 gel packet diluted as an energy drink or 1 gel packet chased with fluids.

REPLENISH: For recovery: 1 gel immediately post event with fluids, then one packet @ 2 hours after the event with fluids.


At start 1/2 gel packet 30-minutes B4 activity. Then mix 1 packet in your water bottle as an energy drink and consume every 60 minutes.  Finish with 1/2 gel packet with fluids as needed for recovery.

SmartAthleteFuel is not just for athletes. SAF naturally  brings your body and mind into your sport, work or pleasure. Use it straight-up as a shot or as a refreshing cold drink mixed in 12-20oz of water. It's a great mixer in sparkling water, your favorite spirit or smoothie and even a topping on yogurt, granola or ice cream, yum! At 100 calories SAF is a healthy alternative to soft and energy drinks cold. Hot, it is a nice stand in for coffee & tea, & cold weather activities. An anyone, anywhere, anytime, Mind & Body holistic lift.


  • By embracing PurSustenance products, you become part of the solution to a more sustainable planet, farming & a happier society. By design, SAF’s drink concentrate has a carbon foot print 90% less than plastic bottled energy drinks & your adaptation will help eliminate 40 billion plastic bottles needlessly soiling our playground earth. That's enough plastic waste to encircle earth’s equator 237 times every year! SAF members are agricultural growers, in the trenches, innovating to sustain independent American farming. As a nutritious alternative to common sports energy products & soft drinks, SAF believes their products may positively impact the health of others. Healthy People tend to be happier people doing good things for others, making our world a better place, one interaction at a time.
  • Based in plant & exercise physiology science, guided by conscience, driven by results.
  • Research director & founder. A MEDICAL DOCTOR, MD. Skill set: Ten years of medical training, academic research, undergraduate training in biology, botany, and physiology. Side hustles: Athlete, Cherry Farmer & Science Guy.

We all know we cannot eat, exercise, nor supplement our way to Peak Performance & Health alone. No silver bullets. It is a combined effort where ATTENTION TO SMALL DETAILS PRODUCE WINNING  RESULTS.

SAF believes it will be the Smart Athlete who will drill down on this site & learn the vast potential performance, recovery & health benefits SmartAthleteFuel may have. Then, adapt & reap the benefits with a winning smile. SAF challenges you to find a more thoroughly researched, ethically sourced, natural energy food product that addresses your entire physiologic needs as a lifelong athlete. 

A worthy summary quote from Gao and Chilibeck’s published study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2020  (@9) “this will inform athletes of the use of tart cherry concentrate as an effective supplementation strategy to improve endurance exercise performance”. 

A note from SAF’s founder and research director; MD, athlete and cherry grower. “I can say we have learned volumes about the food production industry, plant micro & phytonutrients & their transference to support human physiology. We share this collective knowledge with you & welcome your insights to learn, grow & win together. Knowledge is Power!  It’s time we demand more nutrition, science & conscience from every calorie we consume”.


IMPORTANT USAGE NOTE: SAF is much more LIQUID than a Goo gel. When opened it cannot be resealed. Even if completely used, the slight residual LIQUID in the packet will likely leak from the tear opening. If you cannot dispose of the opened packet, considering carrying SAF in a snack Baggie to dispose the opened packet into to protect your clothing. Alternatively, partially fill a goo flask with 3 to 4 packets of SAF to quickly and cleanly consume SAF. Refrigerate any unused portion. SAF is a natural product without preservatives or additives. Once it is opened and diluted it is best used within 8 hrs or refrigerate. If left in your bottle for days, it's on the path to cherry wine! So clean your bottles well after use and DON’T use in HYDRATION PACKS! Natural cherry & beet phytonutrients can stain clothing. SAF is shelf-stable unopened, but shelf-life can be extended with refrigeration. 

 Note: The statements made on our website have not been evaluated by the FDA (US food and drug administration). The products and information are not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or health issues, nor be a substitute for medical advice. Our products and information are not to be read as a specific remedy nor intended to guarantee any specific result. We are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of our products or any suggestions, information or procedures discussed in this site. Many of the studies SmartAthleteFuel's researchers used to formulate their conclusions presented in this website are referenced for the consumer to review and draw their own informed conclusion. BeetSmartAthleteFuel & SmartAthleteFuel are food products only.