Helping You Shatter Barriers To Well-Being Through Plants & Science

Well-being is both your physical and mental health. It is your foundation upon which all else is built, mission critical. SmartAthleteFuel (SAF) builds on nature's knowledge and power base using plant and exercise science. Plant macro-micro and phytonutrients could support your well-being, recovery and performance. SAF is not just an “athletic energy food” but also a refreshing, holistic, anytime, anywhere energy lift. SAF brings and supports your BODY & MIND in your Game, Work & Pleasure.


Plant substances that mother nature has spent millions of years perfecting to protect and promote the vitality of plants. Volumes of research attest these same phytonutrients could support human performance, recovery and well-being. There are 1000’s of phytonutrients with differing effects on humans. You might be familiar with some: FLAVONOIDS, POLYPHENOLS, RESVERATROL, QUERCETIN, CATECHINS CAROTENOIDS, ANTHOCYANINS, EGCG & CURCUMINS. SAF has researched which phytonutrients best support athletic physiology, which plants contain them, and innovated ways to best preserve their human bio-effectiveness outside their host plant (difficult and expensive).


Phytonutrients could have a positive impact on the complex physiology of nearly every organ system in your body: skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and even reproductive systems according to some studies. FROM HEAD TO TOE, HERE IS A RUN-DOWN OF THE POTENTIAL BENEFITS OF PHYTONUTRIENTS CONTAINED WITHIN SAF's INGREDIENTS, BASED ON CITED RESEARCH STUDIES: 

Cognitive decline and dementia. Sadly, no known cure. However, research suggests your training and exercise teamed with diet and lifestyle choices can have a positive impact on cognition. Tart cherry juice improved memory and movement in older adults, Food Function.2019;19:4423, (@29). Tart cherry concentrate decreased cognitive functional deficits, and decreased brain inflammation and cholinergic brain cell loss in a mouse  model of Alzheimer’s disease (@30). Now add exercise’s potential positive influence on your brain, “THERE IS AN INVERSE PROPORTIONAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE AMOUNT OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY UNDERTAKEN AND THE RISK OF COGNITIVE DECLINE” and “REGULAR PHYSICAL EXERCISE MAY INCREASE THE VOLUME OF THE GRAY AND WHITE MATTER”, Sports Medicine-Open 4,2015 (@31). 
Intense exercise releases muscle lactate and brain lactate receptors, HCAR1, can help stimulate cerebral angiogenesis (produce more blood vessels)  improving nutrient flow to and waste product removal from the brain. "Physical exercise can improve brain function and delay neurodegeneration” according to these studies (@32,33). These findings are big, really big, STOP, REWIND and REPLAY. You have at your disposal, life style mechanisms that may address cognitive decline and many chronic diseases. The gorilla in the room question, why wouldn’t you consider using them?

SAF’s tart cherry concentrate contains carotenoids that are known to aid eye health

PROBLEM; chronic use of high sugar and acidic energy drinks, and soft drinks, are contributors to dental disease. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and blood flow stimulating effects of phytonutrients could support gum health. Anthocyanins may prevent the attachment and colonization of pathogens to teeth
that form plaque (@34). Additionally, SAF Matcha tea contains natural Fluorine, Polyphenols and Chlorophyll that could help inhibit tooth decay and bad breath.

Phytonutrients help protect plants from the damaging effect of ultraviolet, UVA & UVB light. These attributes, in part, could help protect humans from the harmful effects of UV light (@35).  Skin, nails and hair benefit from the amino acids, omegas fatty acids, vitamins,
minerals and catechins in Matcha tea along with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of all SAF's ingredients, except salt.

Matcha tea contains natural substances within the “caffeine like family” that could help dilate your airways making it easier to breathe and promote oxygen and CO2 exchange.


Numerous studies SAF has referenced suggest that the many of the micro and phytonutrients including EGCG and Ellagic acid within SAF’s ingredients could have a positive influence on your cardiovascular system. In studies, they helped lower blood pressure, had an inotropic effect on the heart (improved ejection fraction) and helped improve blood flow. They combated oxidative stress and inflammation in blood vessel walls that are a part of atherosclerosis, helped stabilize plaques, helped lowered LDL cholesterol, and in a large meta-analysis study, decreased coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease mortality, discussed in these studies (@36,37,28,38,13). 


BONES: Based on the studies SAF referenced, SAF’S Matcha tea could help your GI system better absorb minerals including calcium and magnesium critical for bone health. Additionally, anthocyanin could help down-regulate the production of Osteoclasts that resorb or break down bone. In theory, both of these could help in the prevention of osteoporosis.
JOINTS: Appropriate vitamin and minerals are needed for cartilage health. Enough wear and tear on joints can lead to their degeneration and osteoarthritis. This can start an inflammatory response that can actually accelerate joint degeneration, cartilage and bone loss and pain. SAF’s anti-inflammatory properties and potential ability to down-regulate the production of osteoclast could help slow these processes (@22,39,23,16,40).

Enough exercise can produce physical and biochemical microtrauma to muscles that initiate your body’s inflammatory response and redox imbalance. SAF’s ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that could help keep muscles functioning longer and speed recovery.
Additionally, SAF’s constituents could help improve blood-flow to the muscles improving performance and speeding recovery (@41,13). Proteins and amino acids both found in SAF, are needed to build and repair muscle. 

Your immune system is your body’s surveillance and police system keeping external and internal trespassers at bay. The whistle is often blown on these trespassers through good inflammation. But, too much of a good thing or mistaken identity can transform beneficial inflammation to harmful inflammation. Substances within SAF’s Ingredients were felt to help arrest and immune modulate inflammation in this study (@16).

Phytonutrients were found to work down to the subcellular level and may help to protect cell membranes, mitochondria, and DNA in this study (@15). They could help reeve up the body’s mechanisms to detox chemicals.

Matcha tea theanine potentiates a focused alertness, mind-body integration, alpha brain wave activity. SAF ingredients contain tryptophan, a building block for serotonin, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter and melatonin (@25).

Ooo…the health and recovery benefits of quality sleep are big. SAF contains melatonin and may stimulate endogenous melatonin production that could help you get that needed quality sleep (@4 ). Don’t worry, SAF researchers say SAF does not contain enough Melatonin to induce drowsiness.

Matcha tea within SAF is thermogenic, helping you burn calories. There is a negative inflammatory and REDOX feedback loop in your body with increasing fat poundage that begets more poundage and host of health badness including diabetes. Studies have shown ingredients contained within SAF could help break these negative inflammatory and REDOX feedback loops.
Additionally, dieters using green tea tend to lose more weight faster in one study (@27,28). 

Even with your body’s vast complexity, your body often responds to stressors using these common mechanisms or pathways: Oxidative Stress and Inflammation. If these go uncorrected, they can hamper your performance acutely. If they become chronically elevated, researchers believe they could contribute to host of chronic diseases:
dementia, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, inflammatory arthritis, unbalanced immune system, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer and accelerated aging in these studies (@6,15,26,27,28 ). “Oxidative stress" is thought to be a key mechanism in the aging process” according to this study (@16). THE PHYTONUTRIENTS WITHIN SAF TARGET OXIDATIVE STRESS & INFLAMMATION AND COULD HELP MITIGATE THEIR HARMFUL EFFECTS AND ASSIST THE BODY TO MAINTAIN BALANCE AND FUNCTION. That’s game changing! 

SAF’s founder and research director is a physician, MD, with academic and research experience, Athlete and Cherry Farmer. He and his team have orchestrated the development and production of a stand out product that not only fuels your body’s energy needs, but may simultaneously help improve, and maintain your body’s performance engine. They have done this using the knowledge and power of nature and science. Truly a holistic approach, light-years beyond simplistic sports energy products that do one thing only, provide energy.  Equally important, they did all this within a natural cherry-maple love affair taste experience their users rave about.

We all know we cannot eat, exercise nor supplement our way to Peak Performance and Health alone. No silver bullets. It is a combined effort where attention to SMALL DETAILS PRODUCE BIG RESULTS.


It seems evident that both Athletes & Non-Athletes will see the advantage of demanding every energy calorie they consume to simultaneously address their Well-being, Recovery & Performance. They will become early adopters of the cherry-maple love affair, taste experience and do so with a winning smile in their Sport, Work & Pleasure.

While somewhat dated, this is a good review article of the effects of plant phytonutrients on humans, “Plant polyphenols as dietary antioxidants in humans and disease”, Pandey. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.2009;Nov-Dec :270.


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