The SmartAthleteFuel Difference

I thank you for taking your valuable time to accept our invitation to obtain a free sample and learn more about our Anyone, Anywhere, Natural Food, “pick-me-up” SmartAthleteFuel(SAF). It’s not just for “athletes”. SAF helps you power up your mind and body for sport, work or pleasure.

Each 29 ml, 100 calorie packet is condensed, not chemically extracted, from the juice of 40 Tart Cherries, 130 ml of Organic Maple Sap, 17 Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Leaves, Organic Agave Piña, and mined, ancient sea bed, Sea Salt, creating a clean, Cherry-Maple taste nirvana our users rave about. That’s it. No additives, preservatives, or deceptive ingredient labeling tactics. No-GMO’s, No gluten, No major allergens and vegan friendly. ALL SAF’s ingredients were part of a living plant (except sea salt), grown, recently harvested, concentrated (not chemically extracted) and packaged in a fashion preserving and maximizing phytonutrient bio-effectiveness for your benefit.

Use it as an energy gel shot straight up or mixed in 12 to 20 ounces of water for a tasty, refreshing energy drink. For pleasure:  it’s super refreshing in sparkling water; as a mixer with your favorite spirit; a topping on granola and ice cream; in hot water, it’s a great stand in for coffee or tea at home & work. A holistic energy pick-me -up that taste soooo… good. It goes to work, the gym, events, runs, bikes, climbs, back-packing, packed lunches and happy hour.

SmartAthleteFuel’s added bonus: Every natural food based, energy calorie is fully loaded with meticulously safeguarded, plant micro & phytonutrients. Nutrients that volumes of research attest address your body’s well-being, performance and recovery needs simultaneously. We not only fuel your body & mind, but may help maintain and improve them simultaneously.

SmartAthleteFuel’s ingredients may address many health issues: hypertension, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, weight gain, bone loss, arthritis, sleep loss, cognitive decline, declining performance with aging, premature aging and chronic oxidative and inflammatory stress, both common pathways to many chronic diseases. SAF and its ingredients may have a positive impact on your entire physiology from your brain all the way down to your toes.  We believe this holistic approach to an energy product is evolutionary. Light years beyond, Big Biz energy products based on ultra-processed, cheap sugars, caffeine, and marketing hype that do one thing only, provide you with cheap energy. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

From SAF’s conception to crafting, we have cultivated kindness. Kindness to your well-being and performance; our planet by helping reduce 40 billion plastic, sport energy bottles soiling planet earth (enough bottles to encircle earth’s equator 237 times annually), by reducing SAF’s carbon footprint to less than 10% of a traditional energy beverage; by cooperatively uniting farmers to help sustain independent farming (we are a cherry grower); by offer a nutritionally superior alternative to soft drinks and energy drinks to positively impacting societal health as  healthy people tend to be happier people, doing good things for others, making a world a better place one interaction at a time; and finally, by helping innovate growing, harvesting and minimalistic processing to be kind to plant macro, micro, and phytonutrients that are so beneficial to your performance & well-being. A radically approach within a food industry driven by a scorched earth approach to food nutrients.  As a physician, “maturing” athlete, & cherry grower, I have spent 5 years researching & developing SmartAthleteFuel. A natural food, Cherry-Maple taste nirvana concentrate, cultivating kindness & results with plants & science.

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  6. Disrupted supply chains, packaging capacity shifted to Covid products, raw material prices rising 20 to 40%, shipping costs rising 25% etc., these have to be paid for and we have chosen to take these costs from our marketing budget rather than compromise on the quality of our ingredients. This keeps SAF fully loaded with macro, micro and phytonutrients that best serve your needs. Thus, our request for marketing help.
    I hope we can learn, laugh, win & be healthier together in a sustainable world with good taste! 

                                               Thank You & Enjoy!